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Updated October 30, 2022
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Programs & Resources for Earning Teaching Certificates Online

Earning a teaching certificate online has become a popular option for aspiring educators. Not only does the online program offer in-depth education that can serve students in good stead upon graduation, the online teaching certification is a more flexible program that works well for those who are already dealing with a tight schedule. This guide offers information on teaching certificates that can be earned online, preparing aspiring students to pursue their education in a way that might be more advantageous to them.

Types of Online Teaching Certificates

Teaching certificates prove that a teacher has the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the professional teaching profession. In addition, certificates in a specific area of education can help teachers advance their knowledge, prepare them to move into another area of teaching, set them up for a promotion or pay raise, and expose them to new areas of the educational system.

The reasons for taking an online teaching certificate course are as varied as the individuals who sign up. However, there are some key points to remember when pondering earning teaching certifications online. Here’s why they are so popular:

Attain a Professional Teaching License Those who want to work in the educational field must have the proper certifications in order to do so. A teaching license is a necessity for those working in public education, and is preferred for those who work in private schools. Students will be prepared to teach in K-12 schools, day care centers, private academies, administration and similar roles.Career Advancement in the Education Field Earning a certificate beyond the most basic requirements can be a boon to those who want to move up in the field. By earning a certificate in a particular area of teaching, such as special education or technology education, students can open doors to advancement that would otherwise be closed. Over time, they can build on that knowledge with even more targeted programs that help them achieve expert
status in their particular area.
Learn New Skills and Teaching Techniques Even teachers who are happy where they are in the system often want to brush up on new things, such as emerging technologies or intriguing teaching techniques. Earning a certification that focuses on those things can help them bring even more in-depth education to the classroom, which leads to better-prepared students. These new skills might
even prompt a teacher to look into lateral employment moves
within their school, where they can put their new education to
the test.
Get Advanced Training Those who want to hone in on one particular area of education and truly make themselves an expert in the field can use advanced training certificates to make it happen. Advanced training in one particular area, such as administration or special education, can provide more depth to their teaching approach, which can not only benefit students, but the school system as a whole. Advanced training is also often a
selling point when it’s time to consider promotions or raise
Pursue Education on a Tight Schedule These are all good reasons to pursue a teaching certificate, but why an online program? Online education provides an enormous opportunity for those who are already in the workforce or handling a variety of responsibilities that makes it impossible to sit in a traditional classroom. The flexible nature of online learning allows busy teachers to pursue their additional certifications on their own time and their own terms.
This means they don’t have to take precious time away from their classrooms in order to pursue their own educational goals.

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Spotlight: 15 Online Teaching Certificate Programs

There are numerous teaching certificate programs offered online. Each program focuses on a different area of education, beginning with the most basic, all-inclusive certificate for general teaching and working into more in-depth programs. Keep in mind that most programs require students to hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and are usually designed to advance the knowledge of those who are already working in the classroom.

MOOCs & Free Teaching Certification Courses

Those who want to earn a great deal of knowledge but don’t want to spend a great deal of money to do so can look to MOOCs and other free teaching certification courses. These courses might end with a diploma or certificate, or simply a certificate of completion; some can be used to fulfill professional development requirements.

CourseOffered byLengthOutcome
Diploma in Teaching Skills for EducatorsALISON10-15 hoursOfficial ALISON diploma, certificate or PDF
Introduction to Teaching English as a Second LanguageALISON2-3 hoursOfficial ALISON diploma, certificate or PDF
The Learning Classroom: Theory into PracticeAnnenburg Foundation13 short sessionsThe ability to create a more structured and powerful learning environment
Teacher Development: Starter Kit for Teaching OnlineEdutopiaVaries; students are encouraged to take an online course of their choice in addition to completing resource materialPrepares teachers to handle education from the online perspective
Positive Behavior in Schools I: Introduction to Schoolwide Behavior SystemsPublic Broadcasting System4 hoursTeaches the use of behavioral supports and interventions suitable for classrooms or individual students; might be eligible for continuing education credit
Program Reviews: Arts and HumanitiesPublic Broadcasting System1 hourCertificate of completion
Classroom Video ProductionPublic Broadcasting System3 hoursCertificate of completion
Careers Education and GuidanceThe Open University8 hoursPrepares teachers to foster successful school-to-work transitions for their students
Secondary LearningThe Open University11 hoursThis advanced course provides teachers of secondary students with a broader wealth of knowledge from which to create their curriculum
Teaching PE & Health, Elementary EducationUniversity of California Irvine2-4 hoursDesigned for California teaching candidates, this course focuses on the fitness education of students in grades K-6
Early Education and Care in Inclusive SettingsUMass BostonEight modules, one per weekEarly childhood educators will demonstrate eight core competencies; might be eligible for professional development hours
Psychosocial Aspects of Visual ImpairmentUMass BostonFour hours per weekDesigned for special education teachers who need extra training in dealing with children who face vision loss or impairment
Intro to Instructional DesignUtah State UniversitySix instructional videosThis in-depth look at instructional design takes students from analysis and design to implementation and evaluation
Cooperative and Collaborative LearningThirteen Ed Online1-2 hours1-2 hours
Promising Practices in Online Teaching and LearningTexas Woman’s University/OpenStax CNXVariesPrepares students to move into online education
Introduction to Teaching with SkypeTeacher Training Videos1-2 hoursHelps educators understand the various tools that can be used with Skype in distance learning

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